Rocking / Dynamic Thai Yoga Massage is a relaxing form of traditional thai massage.

It is based on gentle rocking, oscillatory and harmonic movements. Rocking / dynamic technique is an effective tool for sensitive areas and clients who are resisting deep tissue massage.

Type 60 min 90 min 120 min
New Clients 390kr 590kr 790kr
Single Treatment 590kr 790kr 990kr
Package 3x 1490kr 1990kr 2490kr
Package 5x 2350kr 3150kr 3950kr

Who is this massage for?

The rocking / dynamic massage is for you who prefer gentle relaxing form of a thai yoga massage.

Rocking / dynamic style will for sure feel more calming, but the benefits, compared to the deep tissue style, are the same.

It is the matter of preference. We all have different likings and a massage should feel pleasant after all. If you prefer deep pressure then maybe acupressure thai yoga massage may be better choice for you.


What is the effect?

In the essence if you feel pain it is a nerve sending information to your brain telling it there is a painful sensation. The dynamic / rocking thai yoga  massage is very effective in soothing the nervous system and therefor sending different information to your brain.


What can you expect?

The dynamic / rocking thai yoga massage itself looks like a sacred dance, a meditation in movement between receiver and giver.

A treatment is done in a slow rhythm, gently rocking and shaking different parts of the body, thus the massage influences greater area then only the point massaged in static pressure.


How does the dynamic / rocking thai yoga massage feel?

Throughout the massage your body parts are gently rocked for calming and soothing effect.

The pressure on muscles and soft tissues has rhythm following the rocking and the pressure is gradually increasing  as the rhythm is picking up and the massage is gaining flow.


How will you feel?

You may forgot how nice and soothing it feels to be rocked like a baby, but while receiving a rocking / dynamic thai yoga massage the feeling is just like that, nourishing and blissful.

After massage people often say they still feel vibrations from the rocking which is relaxing and energizing.


History of dynamic / rocking thai yoga massage?

The „dynamic style“ of thai yoga massage is deeply inspired by Ajahn Chaiyut Priyasith, blending traditional eastern style with modern osteopathic principles and techniques into a sacred dance of metta, loving kindness. Ajahn Chaiyut Priyastih is considered the father of dynamic / rocking style of thai yoga massage.


Benefits of dynamic / rocking thai yoga massage

  • Rocking gives a deep sense of relaxation
  • Dynamic pressure effect a greater area then static pressure
  • A great tool for sensitive areas and clients who are resisting
  • Stimulates and recovers freedom and mobility
  • Releases nervous system which stimulates healing

My credibility / About the therapist

Image of Dusan who is a GCT-i5 thai yoga massage and RYT200 yoga teacher at MOVE Stockholm.

My name is Dusan and I am certified to give thai yoga massage, abdominal massage and foot massage and reflexology by Wat Phan Waen, Chiang Mai, Thailand, studying under acclaimed master Arjan Khum Lee. You may read more about me, or follow me on Instagram or Facebook.