Foot massage and reflexology is without a doubt a relaxing and rejuvenating experience not only for your feet but for the entire body (and mind).

Have you ever had your feet rubbed for an hour by a certified therapist? Try the foot massage and reflexology and walk out feeling as you have just got a new pair of feet!

Price: 540kr / 60min

You will receive a combination of soothing foot massage and reflexology treatment.

Relaxing foot massage is done by applying lonsion and massaging your feet and calf muscles working on the energy lines all the way up to your knees.

In the other part of the treatment, using a reflexology stick or thumb, a different amount of pressure is applied on your foot reflexology points promoting healing response in corresponding organs.

A typical treatment is about 60 min long and begins with consultation about your health history and lifestyle. Based on that I can customize the reflexology part of the treatment.

While seated in a comfortable chair and your feet will be cleaned with a non-alcoholic natural disinfect spray before we start the massage.

Using lotion (vitamin E and coconut oil) I will massage with my hands and fingers relaxing and warming up your feet. I may also use thumb pressure and reflexology stick for the reflexology points.

Most people find reflexology very relaxing.

Reflexology shouldn’t be painful. But, some points may be sore or tender, which can indicate disbalance in the related organ. In that case more time will be spent on the problematic area.

If you are ticklish, don’t worry, the pressure on the foot is firm.

Most people feel calm and relaxed after the session.

While they are walking away, people often comment that they feel like having a new pair of feet.

Due to a sedentary lifestyle we don’t use the feet muscles properly and we also wear tight footwear, all this hampers the circulation of feet.

The foot massage helps transporting oxygen to the body’s cells, which is essential for overall health.

Our feet which bears the weight of the whole body allows locomotion and does a lot of work. Still they are the least pampered part of the body. To pamper your feet and keep them strong and flexible a foot massage is recommended.

You will be provided with a pair of thai massage pants to wear. Otherwise, come in lose clothes so that I can pull your trousers up to the knee and that you can sit comfortably during the session.

Foot massage and reflexology may help to:

  • reduce stress and anxiety
  • improve circulation
  • relax nervous system
  • promote better sleep
  • reduce pain
  • lift mood
  • improve general well-being

In addition, people have reported that foot massage and reflexology helped them:

  • boost their immune system
  • fight cancer
  • get over colds and bacterial infections
  • clear up sinus issues
  • recover from back problems
  • correct hormonal imbalances
  • boost fertility
  • improve digestion
  • ease arthritis pain
  • treat nerve problems and numbness from cancer drugs (peripheral neuropathy)

Be sure to give me the complete and accurate health history.

People diagnosed with cancer, diabetes, osteoarthritis (affecting the ankle or foot), circulatory problems, active infections, gallstones, kidney stones, or pregnant women should avoid reflexology.

Foot reflexology is a traditional Chinese healing practice based on the belief that different points on the foot correspond to different organs in the body.

By applying different amount of pressure on these points the flow of vital energy (qi, “chee”) is promoted, preventing disease and keeping the body balanced.

A foot massage may sound the same as a reflexology treatment, but in reflexology the focus is on promoting a healing response in the corresponding organs and natural flow of energy.

While in foot massage the point is to work on your muscles and other soft tissues to improve circulation, relieve pain, and induce overall relaxation.

I find the combination of the two being the most rewarding.

Image of Dusan who is a GCT-i5 thai yoga massage and RYT200 yoga teacher at MOVE Stockholm.

My name is Dusan and I am certified to give thai yoga massage, abdominal massage and foot massage and reflexology by Wat Phan Waen, Chiang Mai, Thailand, studying under acclaimed master Arjan Khum Lee. You may read more about me, or follow me on Instagram or Facebook.